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Celebrating 9 years on DA

Tue Aug 7, 2012, 10:15 PM by insomniac199:iconinsomniac199:
Saw that it was the 12th birthday of DA and it struck me that I've been using or visiting this site for almost a decade as well! Much love to the community and the people that make it one of the most amazing websites on the internet.

5.5 years since I joined DA, wow it's been a while. No real purpose to this journal other than to move the last journal entry (written 1.5 years ago) off the front page lol.

DA got revamped...AGAIN, though it looks nice. Can't believe how much its changed over the years, but in a good way.

Anyways, hope anyone glancing over this page and skimming this entry is having a GRRRRRRRRREAT DAY. byeybe :P
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Can't believe I'm on the eve of being on this site for 4 years. I've been wrestling with the idea of just letting go of DA and moving on. It's been a while since I've submitted anything and I can't shake the feeling that everybody else is moving forward while I'm standing still. Not sure if I've ever really 'left' Vancouver since I've moved. I mean it's crazy but I don't know if I'm done with the city. Or maybe it's just me rationalizing the fact that in two years in T.O., I haven't done anything that's made me want to pat myself on the back. Doesn't help that most of the people on DA that I know personally haven't logged in in something like 20-100 weeks (no lies lol)

Sorry for being so morose, it's not like me to blurt things out. Guess this is my way of venting, though I'd be better off NOT discussing my personal problems on a public website.

I just finished looking through 225 deviations on my watch list, all 225, didn't miss a single one :P I'm starting to wonder if I'm watching too many people, the devs pile up faster than I can click them! But it was nice, looking through new submissions by old names. Guess there's something to be said for continuity.

I'm gonna end this journal unlike how I started it. I'm not leaving DA, I figure I'll hang on far too long until it consumes me and I slowly but surely become another drone in the DA army poised to take over the world. I have an idea for a new pic that takes off a bit from Machina and Abstract Sprout. That is, representing organic objects in abstract/mechanized ways. I have a few sketches down but I still haven't found that drive to put it on screen. I don't doubt I will though, all I need is a nudge.

I'm gonna end this off on a positive note. Well for me anyways. After 2 long years, I finally booked a plane ticket to Vancouver. Aug 2 - Aug 21 :D Watch out Vancouver, I'm coming :P

To any and all that read this, take care of yourselves and I'll see ya around.

***btw, 4k+ page views, awesome :D
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Wow, it's been a while since I actually looked through my msg centre and around DA. Mostly I've just been dropping by to see what the daily devs were and if there were any nice pics on the front page *yes i am that lazy :P*. School's started and it's just revving up so I don't expect to submit anything until at least the winter break rolls around. So I'm just going to leave this journal open for whoever wants to drop by and update us on how their lives are going. Most of the people I know from this site are out of high school and I'm interested on what they've been up to.
it's that time of the year again, we're hitting the stretch run for the NBA and the NHL. I didn't really like the NBA until i moved over to Toronto but you just get sucked up into the hype, lol. still, its the NHL for me, and the Vancouver Canucks seem poised to make a strong run. they have the talent but man, its frustrating when they don't show up. as long as they make it into the playoffs, i can see them making some noise.

anyways, that's pretty much it, i really wrote this journal cause i was sick of seeing the other one.

first off, wth is wrong with Owens, ungrateful guy almost singlehandedly brought down the Eagles. The guy's a huge talent but his attitude just sucks, and he seems to have a curse that follows him. every team he leaves ends up in the basement of their division. 49ers, now the Eagles!! did NOT see that one coming.

aha, ok rant over. gotta say, Toronto (the other T.O.) is a helluva lot different from Vancouver. drivers are insane over here, its like they were imported from NY. not to mention its so damn flat, when i'm on the highway, i can actually see far away, no mountains anywhere in sight :(

its not all that bad though, hot chicks, sports city, got pretty much everything to do here. I was thinking of going down to NY or Detroit (RED WINGS!) one day, its a lot more possible now that it was when i was living on the west coast, lolz. still, miss my canucks. sure i've got the senators and canadiens, but leaf nation isn't the ideal area to live in if u like any other team but the leafs. so many damn homers around. i don't mind that they like the leafs, they leafs are decent. but at least let fans of other teams enjoy the team without hearing the damn opinions of some stupid CBC broadcaster...grrrrrrrr

sry, had that bottled up for a while, lolz. still, its great to have hockey back. and the toronto raptors (while sucking total ass) are pretty exciting to watch, good young players. blue jays are pretty decent, saw them beat the yankees live, lol :D.

aha, still missing u guys back in BC but at least we're keeping in touch (sorta).

wow, its finally here, I'm leaving the city i've lived in for almost a decade. My family's moving back east to Ontario, all the way to Toronto (leaf city). Didn't think it'd be this tough leaving everyone behind, but at least once we've moved, i have a chance to move on. the last few months i've been in limbo, just waiting for this day.

i'm gonna miss everybody in Vancouver, no exception. you've all been great to me over the years and tolerated me when most people woulda locked me up in a rubber room with a really really hungry tiger. we've had our memories and i'm not about to forget them or any one of you.

we can still keep in contact over MSN and of course, DA. come visit sometime, it'd be nice to see familiar faces.

Chris, Aman, Betty, Joyce, Karen, Arminder (can't forget you now, can I), rockie, sam, harry and everybody else, I can't imagine not seeing you guys again so i'm not even gonna bother trying. I'll have to experience it for real in a few hours anyways. IT sucks that I wasn't able to see all of you before I left, it really does. i'm coming back to Van city at least once and i'm gonna hunt each of you down, lolz.

can't keep talking, feeling too depressed :P, i'll see y'all on the other side
wow, the list of ppl from DA that i've personally met keeps getting longer and longer. i've got nothing better to do right now so im gonna recap, lol :P

:icon360rider: 360rider - carchopper/modder fanatic. awesome stuff

:iconaquadreamer: AquaDreamer - wonderful poet with a gentle soul, her stuff is verry impressive

:iconclevich: Clevich - easily one of the best 2d/3d manipulator i know. his work is inspiring

:iconfrenzychick: frenzychick - poet/artist. she's got it all going for her

:iconkwleung: kwleung - has a great eye for the nice shot and is perhaps the most tech savvy person i know

:iconmintarden: MintArden - huge gallery of anime drawings. great work, really fun to browse through

:iconretardedbooster: RetardedBooster - what can i say? his poems hit deep (for me at least). always worth a look

:iconrufnek: RuFNeK - poet/photographer. always seems to find that perfect angle for a shot

:iconslnz: sLnz - another anime junkie, lol. like Mint, worth a look

:icontyrannosaurusran: tyrannosaurusran - has the greatest sense of humour this side of the universe. i swear, he'll make u crack up anytime, anywhere.

:iconvietfx: vietFX - 3d/2d artist with some original pieces to boast about. check him out, its like...whoah

:iconvisaya: visAYA - wow, another anime artist, lol. i've got a lot of em on watch. awesome stuff, can't miss out

:iconwhispersofhope: WhispersOfHope - what can i say? she tries too hard. lol jkjk. awesome person, tremendous poet. if u've ever been in love, u can relate to what she's got to say

:iconyuymako: yuymako - coolest person around, lol. great sense of humour and she's got talent to boot. click on her name or die

:iconmizzplayboy24: mizzplayboy24 - really cool person, still hasn't submitted anything though : grr

:iconace-piper: ace-piper - new member in DA, awesome traditional artwork, relies on paper and pencil rather than mouse and airbrush. gotta check her out

:icondoushite: doushite - beautiful drawings, very pretty-ful
wow, its already over : all that buildup and it just flies by, lol. but i had fun, *looked like an ass for all the fast songs*. food was ok, didn't eat that much though.

not enough slow dances though, and vitamin C - graduation doesn't count as one, its more a group song, lol.

have to give props to kwleung for working his ass off to make this great, along with the rest of the grad committee. credit should also go to jackie, for finding the DJ, who was pretty good, in my opinion.

ooh, and i had the HOTTEST date at prom yesterday, booyah :D

anyways, the rest of the weekend and a lot of time on my hands. mooooooooooovieeeeeeeeeeeees! later, lol :D
this week has been...hell. seriously. we get back from the trip and its just hw, hw, hw with the odd quiz or two thrown in, lol.

i've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and just needed to get it out of my system so i started this journal. that and also because i didn't want to see the term grad pics again in the forseeable future.

wow, 1500 pageviews, holy crap. started this summer off with like 100 :P. that's what commenting on other ppls work gets u, lol.

pfft, i wanna shoot something. does that make me a supressed sociopath? or just assimilated into the general proletariate which eats what hollywoof shoves down our throat on a daily basis...

yeah, i'm a little p.o.'ed right now *its my time of the month...*

wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, this journal has absolutely no direction to it. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! wonder what'll happen if i light a pop can on fire :.

i need a therapist, seirously, i do. i feel i'm supressing too many emotions and opinions for it to be healthy. or maybe its normal...

as stressed before, this journal has no purpose to it. its just the ramblings of a red eyed, sleep deprived, *hey that rhymes :D* semi-pyromaniac. ;)

yay, just spent an entire afternoon at artona studios in vancouver for grad pics :D lol, it was fun hanging out with friends but pretty tiring waiting around for the lines to clear up. at least its over now, lol
finally :P my summer goal for DA realized, lol.

i'm not going to as active as i was in the summer about submitting given that school's starting and this is the final year. the last few weeks have just flown by but some interesting things have happened to say the least.

i basically went from knowing 1 person on DA in person to 7 in the course of a week :P. below is a list of them, check em out, they got some kick ass stuff in their galleries. -> Clevich -> one of the most talented guys i've seen, his work is so diverse and inspiring. -> Kwleung aka Harry -> photographer and all around tech wiz. :D rock on! -> MindArden -> awesome anime work and has great photoshop skillz.… -> RetardedBooster -> all around funny guy and has one of the coolest poems i've ever read :D -> VietFX -> Does photos, abstracts, chops. he knows what he's doing. stop by and say hi -> WhispersOfHope -> budding poet as stated in my previous entry. some great reads in her gallery. check it out. -> Yuymako -> another anime artist. She's got some awesome stuff in her galleries as well.

There are SO many more people I want to talk about on here, OS, SFM, Narfmaster, Cranial-Override and so many many more. but unfortunately, i don't have the patience to copy and paste all of em on here, lol but its easy enough spotting their work, its the stuff that stands out ;)

Have a great day, y'all and peace out :D :w00t:
i don't usually write journal entries, i'm too lazy to. but i needed some way to advertise a friend of mine. she's a great budding poet who just recently joined DA. she can be found at and i hope you can take the time to appreciate her work. maybe its because i've known her for a long time but some of her poems are really moving.

enjoy ;)